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Printer series
TYL-688 multi-station indexing disc presses Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-666 multi-color automatic printing line overprint Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-666B1 automatic translation type presses Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-6090 automatic plate presses Taiwan Teng Yulong Machinery
Hot Trademark Series
TYL-589 automatic insole / tongue thermal transfer, hot stamping machine
Tyl - 580A automatic transfer disc dividing hot trademark machine trademark factory house
TYL-590C automatic ironing machine marks (label type) Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-580 multi-station disc trademarks hot Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-590B automatic ironing machine marks Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-570 Automatic running type hot stamping machine
Roughing Microdermabrasion Machine
TYL-372-B double top environmental protection polishing machine/playing rough machine
TYL-724 vertical dozen thick machine
TYL-372 A mute with aspiration environmental protection only head polishing machine/playing rough machine
Hong Kong Po Equipment
TYL-810H cut gangbao Machine Teng Yulong Machinery
Standalone Series
TYL-997A Three-station hot and cold press
TYL-475 vacuum molding machine shrink Teng Yulong Machinery Factory Direct
TYL-332-3 upper oven Teng Yulong Machinery Factory Direct
TYL-330 upper secondary shaping machine Teng Yulong Machinery
TYL-332 Flat-pressing machine Teng Yulong Machinery Factory Direct
TYL-323 (AB models) secant machine Teng Yulong Machinery
Accessories such
Clip claw series
All sorts of machine, rubber mouth injector, supports Taiwan
Induction switch, heating equipment
Synthesizing chloromethane finalize the design, the nail with computers
Oil cylinder
MARK series
Tengyulong product four advantages
Product advantage 1
From the German lean shoe technology, to provide you with efficient, intelligent and automated overall solution.
Product advantage 2
The self-developed automatic manipulator series, according to the multi-angle operating platform, fully applies the principle of the robot arm to the traditional shoemaking machine.
Product advantage 3
The human-machine interface digital control operation is convenient, simple and stable.
Product advantage 4
Independent brand and original design elements can increase production capacity by 40%
Tengyulong application client

Dongguan Tengyulong mechanical energy technology co., LTD
Teng Yulong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which is supervised by Kenyang International Group Co., Ltd. and specializes in R&D and shoe machinery manufacturing. The company has passed the ISO9001/2000 international quality management system certification, and many products have won the national patent. The main products are chipping foam machine, automatic glue hammer leveling machine, polishing/roughing machine series, hot melt glue series, steam drying machine series and other shoe-making equipment.
We understand the development trend and trend of the industry, absorb the advantages of domestic and foreign products, and change the tradition with technology. "Energy conservation and environmental protection" is the purpose of the company's product development unchanged. "Learning, dedication, innovation, cooperation, integrity" is the invariable nature of Tengyu dragon. Always maintain a state of learning, dedication, integrity, never-ending quality, step by step beyond the self, to create more efficient, quality and low-cost products to contribute to the community. Read all the texts>>

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