Are you still looking ahead to the future of the shoe industry?
From: Dongguan Tengyulong mechanical energy technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-09-14

No matter which part of the shoe industry you are in
The future development of the shoe industry is an inevitable topic
Future trends will determine how we adjust to today's work
After collecting a lot of information
The editor summarizes ten trends in the future development of the shoe industry
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New retail trends

You may have become numb to the new winds of retail, new technologies, new species, new ways of playing. But to sum up, there is no such thing as online or offline, only brand and experience. Shoe giant belle is coming back to life on the back of a new retail trend.

Rise of retailers

The collapse of old brands, the rise of new shoe brands, will lead to more retailers, and their rise is not to be underestimated.

New store form

There is no doubt that the store decoration and logo design will more cater to the tastes of new era consumers, such as daphne, baidu and other changes to the store decoration and logo.

Cost performance era

The time for luxury has passed, and now the public prefers cost-effective products.

media publicity

The publicity of "we media" is no stranger to everyone. Dior's brand name has even entered a live broadcast platform, which shows the great influence of "we media".

You get fans,you will get the world

The growing sales of adidas and Nike have benefited from the fact that they love their fans around the world, and the brand focuses on fan management.

Artificial intelligence (ai)?

Big data, high and new technology, may sound distant, but at present, artificial intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of our life. Footwear industry is no exception. Many machines have been fully automated!

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