Shoe companies make shoes while making masks
From: Dongguan Tengyulong mechanical energy technology co., LTD Post date: 2020-05-08

"Now the order has increased, and our shoe-making line has opened seven. The mask production is very busy, and another group of employees are transferred to the mask workshop to work." On the morning of May 3, Jiang Yizhong, a giant one who was inspecting the workshop, produced a The director talked about the current resumption of production.

Jiang Jianzhong said that since mid-to-late February this year, their enterprises have received employees from all over the world through multiple channels such as cars, high-speed rails, and airplanes, preparing to resume work quickly and resume production. However, as the overseas epidemic in March intensified, the company's foreign trade orders were also affected, and several production lines were helplessly stopped. "At the moment, as the epidemic in Europe has eased, multiple partners have re-ordered, and our shoe production line is gradually busy again, so this" May Day "holiday, our employees chose not to rest, and work overtime to 22:00 at night. Next we plan to recruit more workers. "

Pan Jianzhong, general manager of Juyi Group, said that during the special period affected by the epidemic, their enterprise has always insisted on the "win-win" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. The employees are actively producing in the factory this holiday, and he must be hardworking Thanks for giving. Under the care and guidance of government departments, Juyi Group will strive to run the enterprise well and make more contributions to society.

Make shoes while making masks

Juyi Group is a leading footwear export enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has two shoemaking production bases in Wenzhou and Shangxi.

The Juyi Group, which resumed work on February 18, "grasped the epidemic prevention with one hand and resumed production with the other hand", tried every means to recapture the losses caused by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Some time ago, due to the epidemic situation, it was difficult for the employees in the field to return to work. In order to ensure the resumption of production at an early date, Juyi received employees from various places through channels such as automobiles, high-speed rail and airplanes.

While actively resuming production and resuming production, Juyi seized the opportunity to turn into production masks. In early February, Juyi set out to purchase machines and opened a new professional mask production line. On March 7, three mask production lines of Juyi were put into operation, and shoe-making enterprises produced masks across lines. Li Ailian, chairman of Juyi Group, said that the daily output of masks has reached more than 100,000, and plans to increase the number of mask production lines to 5, with a daily output of 200,000.

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