How do shoe companies build efficient supply chains?
From: Dongguan Tengyulong mechanical energy technology co., LTD Post date: 2020-06-05

The new crown virus has caused a major impact on the global economy, and the shoe industry is also facing a huge test. A series of chain effects were caused by the interruption of supply of raw materials: factories were forced to shut down, orders could not be delivered smoothly, customers were lost, and capital recovery was difficult.

Against this background, how can Chinese shoe companies solve the supply chain problem? Further optimization of the supply chain has become a trend in the development of the shoe industry.

Market demand, new technological revolutions, and industry upgrades place higher demands on the supply chain

Since the reform and opening up, China's footwear industry has developed rapidly, and it has become the world's largest shoe production and exporting country, with a professional division of labor cooperation and a complete supporting footwear industry system. However, as consumption upgrades, technological revolutions, industrial revolutions, and business revolutions swarm in, new models, new formats, and new demands emerge in endlessly. Chinese shoe companies are facing unprecedented pressure and challenges.

On the one hand, it is the goal of industrial internationalization and market globalization, on the other hand, the traditional footwear industry is facing severe tests, and labor costs, rental costs, and tax costs continue to rise. Coupled with the ever-changing market demand, companies are required to produce and deliver orders faster and more efficiently, which puts higher demands on the shoe supply chain system.

It is imminent to build an efficient supply chain

British economist Christopher put forward, "In the future there will be no competition between one enterprise and another enterprise, but there will be competition between one supply chain and another supply chain."

As early as October 18, 2017, "Modern Supply Chain" was written into the report for the first time in the "19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" report, which raised the modern supply chain to the height of national strategy, which is a milestone for the development of China's modern supply chain The significance provides a sufficient policy basis for accelerating the innovation and development of China's modern supply chain.

For shoe companies, build a high-quality supply chain for the shoe industry, especially cross-regional and cross-departmental collaborative communication and implementation, link key links such as original accessories, R&D and design, production, circulation, consumption, and establish a demand-oriented organization. To improve quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency will be a recipe for coping with changes in the times and enhancing core competitiveness.

The shoe industry urgently needs a supply chain service platform to jointly promote the optimization of the supply chain

The supply chain of the footwear industry has transformed from the original scale victory and rough management to quick response and fine management. For the major shoe companies, to create such an efficient, agile and intelligent supply chain system, it is obviously unrealistic to rely on one's own strength. New technologies, new systems, new partners and new service standards are needed.

Therefore, relying on a supply chain service platform with strong integration capabilities and high synergy efficiency, opening up internal and external resources in the industrial chain and optimizing the enterprise supply chain are the primary reasons for enterprises to reduce production, operation and transaction costs.

In order to further enhance the resource concentration and overall profitability of the shoe industry, we will work with small and medium-sized enterprises on the chain to discuss and build a new footwear industry ecology to promote the transformation and upgrading of shoe companies and innovative development. The first China Footwear International Supply Chain Conference came into being. Recently, Xinlian shoe industry chain is in full preparation. It is reported that the conference will focus on the four major points of "industry + design + technology + finance", use the global shoe supply chain trading center as a platform, link the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, integrate the global shoe industry resources, and promote it through technology and financial empowerment. The supply chain development of shoe companies.

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