Semi-automatic insole and tongue transfer stamping machine, easy to operate
From: Dongguan Tengyulong mechanical energy technology co., LTD Post date: 2020-10-24



It is widely used in flat sole, circular insole / tongue heat transfer printing, bronzing machine, leather branding processing, etc.

●Ieltualied human- machine interface, Chinese/English/ Vietnamese systems, easy too perate.

●High precision fibre-optical position system, auto location of transfer paper, position accuracy to土0.02mm.

●Roll to roll transfer paper, convenient management, keep the environment clean and tidy.

●Use the one-to-one locate mode, manual printing transfer paper also is suitable, there is no any error because the distance different.

●Easy to operate, workers only need put the material according to the position of locating piece, novices can easy to handle, greatly reduce the factory training cost, and the output will not decrease when the skilled worker leaves.

●High eficiency, the maximum yield 1200pcs/ hour.

●Temperature, pressure, pressing time can be adjusted according to the press efct, and also can set the trouble alarm of temperature trouble alarm, pneumatic pressure to ensure theproduct quality.

●Multi-purpose, also can gold stamping atter change the mold.

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