TYL-666 multi-color automatic printing Teng Yulong Machinery

Product Features: 
1, intelligent man-machine interface, multi-color overprint coherent, easy to operate; 
2, using track-frame bodies, biaxial cylinder power with speed and stroke can be adjusted, and with automatic positioning function; 
3, the perfect printer seat integrated design, handling screen fast, simple; 
4, the use of imported Mitsubishi PLC control system, anti-interference ability, flexible response, good stability; 
5, blade stroke, speed, print times, automatic counting and other parameters can be set and modified; 
6, using a photoelectric control, pneumatic energy, so the energy consumption at the end, green; mechanical failure rate, easy maintenance; 
7, using infrared heating, fan circulation, temperature diffusion uniformity, fast drying effect; 
8, the use of multi-color combinations, 1-12 color expansion module unit upgrades, installation of convenience; 
9, using a combination of multi-module unit, machine control, truly a machine effect.