TYL-475 vacuum molding machine shrink Teng Yulong Machinery Factory Direct

First, the machine uses: standard, designed for shoes. 
1, the last head scribe and mark. 
2, half of the production version. 
3, the gap between the first and the last check sample volume production last head. 
4, can be placed in the sample shoes, make sure that the shoes clean with no distortion. 
Second, the operating principle: the use of vacuum forming, so PVC coincide with the last head, crossed accurate, improve production quality. 
Third, the machine features: 
1, setting fast: the use of sealed thermostatic heating, uniform heating, the heating time is also equipped with control devices. 
2, the simple power: simple operation, small size, low noise, save power. 
3, safety and environmental protection: equipped with a safety switch and automatic alarm equipment, to avoid improper operation caused unnecessary losses.