TYL-6090 automatic plate presses Taiwan Teng Yulong Machinery

Scope (Scope of application)
Widely used in footwear, leather goods, garment and other industries; component pattern printing process.
Product Features (Product features)
1, PLC control: convenient and easy to operate, any parameters set squeegee stroke, speed, scraping print job parameters such as the number of
     Depending on the product technology needs, arbitrarily set and modify; and good stability; high precision color brush, color uniformity, quality and stability.
2, dual-frame body and sensor completely different positioning: servo motor drive mechanism to lift sensitive and precise positioning,
     And with self-test function, automatic smooth running, low noise, good stability, making the machine in use adaptability.
     More importantly, in case of defective products can be halfway there with hand feeding station edition, printed up when the machine is faulty you can manually reply
     Pass flow printing.
3, printing squeegee holder integrated design: on the screen downloading unloaded quickly, easily, switch to a different version of the flower, flower version check on the version
     Direct rapid visual adjustment; Canadian pulp convenient, accessible and does not harm the flower version, unique stencil alignment system, the
     , The left and right positioning. Quick point stencil convenient loading and unloading operations.
4-wire loop printing, improve the production efficiency and quality: the first platen automatically converted to a second, closed shop materials not
      Need to wait, so significant savings in time, thereby increasing productivity and quality. And from the operation of a single or double plate platen
      Cycle operation can be freely set on the computer control panel, and according to your own design running the length of the venue.
5 unique about the carry, the same precise response system, automatic pause switch troubleshooting after completion.
6, Printing baking Integration: platen can install multiple print heads work together, or supporting the use of the printing press and oven,
      Each print head and an oven with a separate operating system functions.
7, all non-pneumatic servo motor mechanical drive mechanism: sensitive, uniform speed, greatly reducing the instability strip due to pressure
      To interference.