TYL-986A Automatic gangbao scheduled machines Teng Yulong Machinery

Scope (Scope of application)
It can be widely used in: stereotypes shoes, bags, clothing and other pieces of hot melt processing technology.
Product Features (Product features)
1, HMI, digital control: convenient and easy to operate, good stability;

2, automatic reclaimer: feeding device, suction vacuum suction cups, plus a servo motor and belt,
     Constitute a linear track feeding system, to feed accurate and fast.

3, automatic softening: the use of a ceramic heater type and wind circulation and use of intelligent PID temperature control SCR, and
     The temperature spread evenly, accelerate the speed of hot melt adhesive film to soften.

4, automatic positioning clip material: imitation artificial discharge device, which uses mechanical pneumatic clamp, automatic clamp the material and
     Curved arc and pushed onto the mold.

5, double-cooled fast above stereotypes: the use of high-temperature refrigeration system, so on, determined to mold rapid cooling -
    About 50C, and driven by two-way pneumatic mold lamination, and achieve rapid setting effect.

6, Quick release: the use of two-way high-pressure gas nozzle, instantly generate 6 ~ 8kg pressure to make hot melt adhesive film
    After stereotypes die out quickly, and achieve rapid setting effect.