TYL-666B1 automatic translation type presses Teng Yulong Machinery

Widely used in footwear, leather goods, garment and other industries; component pattern printing process.
Product Features
1, HMI, digital systems: simple and convenient operation, good stability; high printing accuracy, color
     Uniform and stable quality.

2, screen accurate positioning: Clutch servo motor and high-precision planetary gear to match the light
     Fiber; thus at work running automatically correct the error, the error does not accumulate to reach
    Precise positioning.

3, PLC control: Parameter set arbitrarily, scraper stroke, speed, scraping print job parameters such as the number of
     Depending on the product technology needs, arbitrarily set and modify.

4, temperature control: baking system uses PID control theory, combined with hot air circulation system that allows
     More uniform temperature distribution, leaving, making it the temperature balance control in ± 1 °, producing
     Evenly dried guaranteed.

5, full servo motor mechanical transmission: sensitive, uniform speed, greatly reducing the instability due to pressure
    Given the interference caused.

6, small footprint: Printing bottom Run, a replica of the original formula improved to translational lift,
    Significantly reducing the overall space of the fuselage, while also reducing the noise generated at runtime.