TYL-666B1 / 666B2 Full Automatic Translation Printing Machine


1. Intelligent man-machine interface, multi-color overprint in one go, easy operation;

2. It adopts dual-track type and the working plate does not turn over. It is driven by servo motor. The moving speed and stroke can be adjusted and it has automatic positioning function.

3. Perfect integrated design of printing machine base, quick and easy screen loading and unloading;

4, using the original Mitsubishi imported PLC control system, strong anti-interference ability, flexible response, good stability;

5. The printing machine is driven by a stepping motor, with stable speed. The parameters such as the blade stroke, speed, printing times, and automatic counting can be arbitrarily set and modified;

6, using photoelectric control, air pressure energy, so low energy consumption, environmental protection; low mechanical failure rate, simple maintenance;

7. Multi-color combination can be used to expand and upgrade 1 ~ 12 color module units, easy to install;

8.Multi-module unit combination and whole machine control are used to truly achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses.

Main Products: Multi-color Printing Machine, Semi-automatic Hot Stamping Machine

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