TYL-688B Multi-station Full-automatic Rotary Indexing Printing Machine | Insole Printing Machine

Scope of application

Widely used in monochrome high-precision prints for products requiring screen watermarking and mimeographing.

1. Fully automatic integration of sending, printing and receiving;

2. Use intelligent human-machine interface operation, easy, fast and stable control;

3. High-precision divider system with accurate positioning (± 0.002mm) and long service life;

4. Frequency conversion photoelectric and pneumatic drive can effectively reduce the noise generated during operation;

5, printed matter height (thickness) adjustment space is large;

6.Automatic pressure off-screen device to ensure clear printing effect; meanwhile, the printing scraper, oil return knife, air pressure, speed, balance and stroke can be adjusted lightly to meet your different printing requirements

7. The cylinder clamps the screen, which is convenient and quick when replacing the screen;

8. The disc type worktable is more conducive to storing and unloading materials;

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