TYL-666 Multicolor Automatic Printing Machine Insole Printing Machine Printing Machine


1. Intelligent man-machine interface, multi-color overprint in one go, easy operation;

2. Adopt dual-track frame mechanism, dual-axis cylinder power, belt speed and stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily, and with automatic positioning function;

3. Perfect integrated design of printing machine base, quick and easy screen loading and unloading;

4, using the original Mitsubishi imported PLC control system, strong anti-interference ability, flexible response, good stability;

5.Scraper stroke, speed, printing times, automatic counting and other parameters can be arbitrarily set and modified;

6. The photoelectric control and air pressure energy are used, so the energy consumption is low and the environment is environmentally friendly; the mechanical failure rate is low and the maintenance is simple;

7, using infrared heating, fan circulation, uniform temperature spread, fast drying effect is good;

8. Multi-color combination can be used to expand and upgrade 1 ~ 12 color module units, which is convenient for installation;

9, using multi-module unit combination, the whole machine control, truly achieve the effect of one machine multi-purpose.

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