TYL Pneumatic Desktop Flat Screen Printing Machine丨Vamp Printing Equipment

TYL -2030/TYL -2050

It is widely used in single-color high-precision prints such as screen watermarks and mimeographs, as well as the printing of position marking lines such as shoe uppers and midsole fabrics.

Functions and features:
1. The microcomputer intelligent IC cooperates with the touch panel to compile the action program control, which is easy to operate and accurate and reliable.
2. Built-in four-digit automatic counter
3. The printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different printing requirements
4. Independent power for printing, scraping and ink return, with independent precision fine-tuning stroke and speed device.
5. The horizontal and vertical movement and angle rotation of the worktable can be adjusted independently.
6. The lifting cylinder adopts German FESTO, and the sliding cylinder adopts Japanese SMC stainless steel cylinder.
7. The whole machine runs fast, stable, and has low noise.

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