TYL-997A Three-station hot and cold press

1. This machine adopts a fully intelligent temperature control system, which is easy to operate and stable in temperature. The heat conduction system has been carefully designed in sections to achieve uniform heat conduction and low heat consumption.
2. The upper and lower heating plates of the machine are all heat treated and electroplated, which is not easy to deform for long-term use and can maintain the degree.
3. This machine adopts a gas-oil mixed pressure boosting system, which improves the stability of the workpiece compression, energy saving, environmental protection and cleanliness.
4. Two-person operation, placing the material in the hot-pressing area, and the double switches are activated to ensure the safety of workers.
5. Two-heat, one-cool and three-station parallel design, higher efficiency, high integration without space, and cold setting system make the workmanship more beautiful and stable, making it the most ideal effect.

Scope of application:
This machine is suitable for all kinds of uppers without seams, 4D uppers.