TYL-570A assembly line hot stamping machine (with reclaiming) insole hot stamping machine


Can emote mitoring data sorage, control the machine operating state any time.


■Pipeline form, manual putting material, putting label automatically, and automatic hot stamping. three- station working at the same time, no need waiting, high precision.

■Only need one set fix locate part, easy to check the location,the machine adjusting more convenient.

■Can form a dedicated label printer, can print the label timely according to the requirements.

■Asy to operate, worker only need put the material according the locating piece, novices can easy to handle, greatly reduce the factory training cost, and the output will not decrease  when the skilled worker leaves.

■High precision and high eficiency, the eficiency is 2 times of the traditional process.

■Temperature, pressure, pressing time can be adjusted according to the press efect,and also can set the trouble alarm of temperature trouble alarm, pneumatic pressure to ensure the product quality.